[Hearthstone] Your non-OTK Hunter decks


Surprised nobody has talked about this here, maybe I just can't find it?

For similar reasons to day9, I've been working on my own non-OTK hunter deck. However, unlike him, I've decided to avoid the burn route. In my opinion, using cheap, 1 mana creatures to go for a OTK *is* a burn deck, and OTK is the best way to build a burn deck for Hunter.

There is also control hunter decks (I'd term the secrets-based hunter this). But I only have one Eaglehorn bow, no gladiator longbow, and most importantly, only one explosive trap, so such a deck isn't very good for me. I have managed the 'kill the opponent with his own Misdirected Minion achievement, though :)

So what I've put together is a midrange hunter deck. Like any deck I make, I build it in submodules, then tweak the cards until it gets stronger by ditching any cards that sit in my hand that I can't play.

The current card list:

1x Flare, 1x Explosive Trap, 1x Snake Trap, 2x Snipe, 2x Bloodfin Raptor, 1x Scavenging Hyena, 2x Starving Buzzard, 1x Eaglehorn Bow, 2x Animal Companion, 2x Deadly Shot, 2x Kill Command, 2x Multi-Shot, 1x Defender of Argus, 2x Houndmaster, 2x Stranglethorn Tiger, 1x Savannah Highmane, 2x Core Hound, 1x Sea Giant.

Now this card list is pretty unoptimal, but I think it will get you at least to my level, somewhere in three star master. I feel it is a bit luck based, but it will get stronger and stronger as I get better cards.

It could be obviously improved by removing flare and inserting Unleash the Hounds, and replacing the Core Hounds with legendaries like King Krush and The Beast. I would also probably replace a Stranglethorn Tiger with another Savannah Highmane.

It could use another Scavenging Hyena and Eaglehorn bow, but I'd have to experiment with that. Perhaps I would remove a bloodfin raptor or a multi-shot. 

If I wanted to live dangerously, I'd replace my Kill Commands with Emperor Cobras and throw in King Murkla somewhere, but I also don't have any of those cards.

Everyone has their favorite card in the game, and Sea Giant is mine. It is easily the best in my opinion, but if you don't like it, you can always be boring and throw in Argent Commander.