[EU] FUN League for beginners/ occasional players

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Tl;dr – play competitive StarCraft II without pressure or strict timetables

We are excited to officially announce the ADHS.GAMING LEAGUE// SEASON #1.

It's been a long time, but we're finally back. The Team behind ADHS.Gaming is a circle of friends that hosted some small tournaments in the past within the spirit of the all so famous Home Story Cup hosted in germany by Take.tv.

The AGL will feature up to a total of 40 players fighting for glamour and glory but mostly for shits and giggles simply because this a FUN event with no material reward whatsoever.

The maybe best thing we’ve come up with is that you don’t have to follow a strict timetable while competing in this league – play when you are in the mood or your girlfriend gives you some free hours. All players are listed with their battle.net account nickname and number so you can just contact your next opponent and set a match date by yourselves.

Of course we have to make sure the event doesn’t get stuck because one or another player has lost his effort and maybe even quit playing in this league. Therefore, after a couple of matches played, the remaining competitors of a match day (match day is not considered to be “a day” in real time) will get their match date set from an admin - if needed.

To come up to the title: if you want to play in this league, your current skill group may not be master or grandmaster. And because there is nothing to win here, all recently devoted masters, rising diamonds and former broodwar worldchampions please go play some ESL where you can at least collect some bucks.

The event will have coverage about results, table, match days and individual statistics on a website announced as soon as the season is live.

CASTERS WANTED – contact adhs.gamingleague@gmail.com subject “caster” if you want to register yourself as a streamer and/or shoutcaster for this event. Casters are allowed to participate as well. Platform is http://www.twitch.tv .

Rules and further Information are found in the picture below.

Hopefully it will be plenty of fun, kill some spare time until the new add-on comes out and be spread out to StarCraft fans everywhere.


Registration closes Sunday, Dec 07 8:00pm CET (GMT+01:00)