Clickety Clack Click^10 or how I suck at shortcuts

Ok, here's my damn problem...i'm a effing clicker...that's one of my worst gamer flaw.  I click at such a slow pace that in the time i'm make 1 action my opponent do 5...and then I die.  I know I should use shortcuts but i'm so far from the other players that it's putting me off like crazy.  What I fear is that to be good at this game you just need to be an awesome typer :P

I started seriously playing SC2 this year.  I'm a single player type of gamer.  Love stories and being able to win.  Then one of my friend who is platinum (if that even mean something) offered me to play matchmaking games vs A.I.  We played like 10 games yesterday (2vsA.I.) and I played another 10 today (1vsA.I.).  We're classified at VH on 2vs and i'm Harder on 1vs.  So far so good and i'm getting the hang of things slow but surely.

Now...I just tried matchmaking vs players.  Two horrible and swift defeats.  Last last game I played lasted 8 minutes and I had an average of 23 APMs while my opponent had 125 APMs...WTF?!?!?! LOL!

When I surrendered I was starting my second base and he had 3 fonctionning ones.  He also had an army of flying doom killing my SCVs while I could do nothing.

Should I quit? Should I only play vs A.I.? Should I only play SP? Should I play candy crush on FB instead?