Buy 2 win?

Well, i i'v been playing for about a week, and i keep geting beatn down by decks with great legendary/epics belonging to that class, and im struggling to make any progress. I play druid and my setup is something like this

2 x Claw

2 x Mark of the wild

2 x Wrath

2 x ironbeak Owl

2 x Kobold Geomancer

1 x Novice Engineer

2 x Mark of nature

2 x thrallmar farseer

2 x swipe

2 x Chillwind yeti

2 x dark iron dwarf

2 x Ogre magi

1 x Azure drake

2 x druid of the claw

2 x starfire

2 x ironbark protector

I don't have any legendary's or epic's, in 6 packs i haven't gotten a single 1, the things i have that's not standard shit, is stuff i'v made myself. Geting beatn because i lack the cards i need to make a decent deck is making me quite sad, any feedback would be great.

Thanks! :)