My new deck :)

This is my Paladin deck, i'v made this myself without much guidance. I'ts gotten me to rank 9 so far :)

2 x Elven archer 

2 x Equality

2 x Argent protector

2 x Bloodsail raider

2 x Knife juggler

1 x divine favor

2 x Aldor peacekeeper

2 x Truesilver Champion

2 x Blessing of kings

2 x Consecration

2 x Chillwind yeti

2 x Defender of argus

2 x Spellbreaker

1 x Faceless manipulator

1x Frostwolf Warlord

2x Argent Commander

1 x Lay on hands

The Idea behind the deck was to be able to clear most threats that came along, and have favorable trades, i'v actually beatn Artosis's Pally deck :, I out lasted him and i Ended up defeating him. tho i must say the guy i played didn't have Lay on hands, but he had holy light. And with the wild cards such as Frostwolf warlord, if u can keep board controle and a favorable number of minions ur Frostwolf warlord will be huge, and if he decides to silence/insta removal, it will be costly, and i will still remain board controle with my other minions, if he plays something huge i can always faceless manipulate it :) Any feed back would be cool ! thanks before hand!