Im a gold terran, playin zerg, and zvz is weird

So i am normally a gold terran player but lately ive been like a plastic league zerg just to have some fun. I've got a question about zvz involving mutalisks. Its not using them that is the problem, it is getting rid of them. I know as a terran it was pretty easy with just some turrents and stimmed marines quickly eat them up. 

As zerg though, lings dont attack them. And a mass muta kills spores and queens rather quickly even with transfusing. I gennerally go for a roach festor kind of compostion, with some lings and banelings. I feel stupid to say that I have not joined in muta vs muta zvz. Sometimes i have counterattacked and it gets in because they dont have many ground units but then "oh look a thousand mutas," and then no more roaches, lings, infestors etc. 

Im not looking for a build because I dont want to become reliant on one, rather I just want a tip or two to help make my mechanics at zerg better and win more games!

Thanks guys!