Just a post about my progress

Im HaMeRuu (yeah its really spelled that way in starcraft :3) a protoss player. NA Server. 

Currently im at Gold League. (YEAS! after 3 months of playing starcraft 2 HoTS) 

I was once a very lonely Bronze League Toss player with little or no knowledge about any builds, counters, what units to build in starcraft 2. I started using a 3 gate to nothing build. . . Yes, i build 3 warpgates, make stalkers and try to win using that unit compo. I had some success in Bronze league for a while until i hit the top 8 in Bronze. When i scout, i dont know what the heck he is doing at all. Thats where i have problems and all. 

I then started watching the Dailys of Day[9]. Started reading about builds in the internet (Liquipedia and all). Thats when i realized, THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! And so i started practicing (against A.I) the builds for certain races. . . (I currently know 2 builds vs every race. But not to the highest level. About Silver League Level i think). Then went to unranked to get my groove going. Laddering some here and there.

About a Month ago, i became a Silver League Toss player. I was still using the basic Builds that i knew to play in Ladder. Had a small win streak and then started knowing some more things. "Oh, so if i do this, then i can beat him/her if he'she has this." "If i just spend on units, i would never tech up." Then the most wonderful thing happened to me. . . I got promoted to Gold League. This is where i must do better. . . 

My 1st game, i instantly realized that build orders are in effect. I seem to know what he/she might do. I scouted and a player was making a few drones then i saw a Pool and Extractor. I was like, a ling rush! BOOM right on! When i was in Bronze i was like, oh a spawning pool on an extractor. Returns home and makes more structures. 

Now, im still learning more and more strategies to better my game. Hoping 1 day, i can at least, get the chance to play with some very high level players and learn even more things. :D

Well, thats it for now. Thanks for taking your time to read my small essay. :D

Play Hard, and "MY LIFE FOR AUIR" LOLs

-HaMeRuu, Gold League Protoss