Why i love sean "day[9]" plott

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HELLO! Im HaMeRuu :D I feel like telling everyone a short message about why i really like Sean "Day[9]" Plott. And why i will continue to be his FAN.

We all love our very own Day[9], as we are known as Day Knights :D.

Here are the reasons why i really look up and love Sean Ploot a.k.a Day[9]

1. STARCRAFT 2 LESSONS. . . I long started playing starcraft 2 withnout knowing Day[9] i was really bad at anything i did in UNRANKED and in LADDER. I tried looking up some sources in the internet for materials to help me. :( but that was to little or no avail. Then i saw 1 Funday Monday link on youtube. BOOM! Instanly hooked to it. I started browsing his videos and little by little i learned how to play :D. . . Until now, i still rewatch his old videos and analysis of the games :D

2. FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY! Sean is a NATURAL at comedy. . . I remember watching his story telling in his dailies and OH DID I LAUGH SO HARD! Haha. . . His sense of Humor is AWESOME! I dont know about the rest but Sean can make me laugh effortlessly :D

3. SEAN IS VERY MUCH TRUE TO HIS SELF. . . Every Daily Show i watch, im always drawn into Day[9]'s attitude. He is ONE OF THE NICEST persons on the internet and one of the MOST GENUINE PERSONS out there. He really LOVES his fans and admirers. :D which is VERY VERY Noble :D ♥ We can see in his eyes that. :D

4. DAY[9] MADE ME A BETTER PERSON. . . One thing i remember is what Sean said in one of his Daily. (Well not the exact words, but the message is the same). It was something like, IF YOU WANT TO BE GOOD AT THIS PARTICULAR THING PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Continue doing that thing and keep on pushing and pushing until your better at that. . . That really woke me up. Not only in the games i play, but in my work as well. 

Well, thats about what i can say :D