I feel lost race-wise...

Ok so let me start out by saying I'm 20, I'm a dork and I suck at starcraft 2.  I got Wings of Liberty when it first came out and hit plat pretty quick and was able to stay consistently at that level and then other games came along and I eventually stopped.  Well, I stopped playing, I never stopped watching.  For probably two years I only watched Starcraft 2 without ever once playing.  Which for me seems bizarre but I don't think I'm the only one.  Well after finally caving and buying HoTS I'm on a mission to play! I want to get better I want to understand the game but most of all I want to have fun with the game.  So I think my first baby steps is finding a fun race.  Cause I used to play random and to be honest, 9 matchups were ballocks trying to remember.  So heres what I outlined

I have to : 1.  Like the units (They gotta feel good, fun to use and creative)

2. Enjoy the tech structure and the options

3. Enjoy the STYLE of macro they use

4. Be able to micro them (Which I can learn)

I've predominately been playing Zerg because I just like the idea of spreading creep and overwhelming with  forces but I feel like late game I just get lost.  I like protoss because gosh darn do they feel strong and the way you macro with them is probably the easiest of all races.  And I like terran cause well hellbatts op jk I like the FEEL of a giant MMM ball, it just feels strong mobile and flexible.  I've put in a lot of games as all 3 races but I just don't know how to decide.  I know I can always switch later but I want to get a solid I AM A ZERG PLAYER type thing down so I can really start looking at matchups and what I want to practice.  So what should I do? c: