Looking for a coach / mentor / friends to play with ! :D

Hey my name is Tyler and I am brand new to TCGs ! Random factoids about me: Region : NA

Most Played Hero : Don't know yet, equal suckage with all BUT I like Rogue....  For her personality...

Favorite color is redFavorite hearthstone snack is 2 microwaveable burritos that can sit and cool for like half an hour while I perfect the art of making the worst possible deck.

I'm looking for a friend to play with teach me a few things (Im awful, and have never played a TCG before) in exchange I will teach you how to avoid getting a girlfriend (An important skill if you want to be a pro gamer).  Seems like a legit exchange of knowledge to me... I play a lot because my computer broke recently and this is the only thing I can do on my laptop ;c  

My battletag is : Blinky#1888 

If you add me be friendly be talkative and be as weird as you are deep down.

PS: Hopefully you got a microphone cause the typing is kind of slow in HS. :D