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My name is HellowLulu(or Drizina) and I am a moderator of the EU division for Heroes of the Storm. (We also have a fantastic NA division!)

I am making this post to inform you about our wonderful community:

The Chaos Vanguard

The Chaos Vanguard


What is "The Chaos Vanguard"?

The Chaos Vanguard is a massive multi-gaming community which has been founded about one year ago by long term friends and people who have a dedication and passion for gaming together. It's a community that is always looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. We currently have around 200+ people online each day with a total of over 2000 members registered, it has been growing significantly since we started and we're not planning on stopping any time soon. Expect a mature, relaxed and fun environment when you meet most of our members.


What other games do we play?

League of Legends

Dota 2


Counter Strike:GO



Path of Exile



And many more...


What can you expect from us?

We offer many different things such as:

Informative discussions on our forums pertaining to the game

Grouping up for Bonus XP

Daily custom games

Coaching for those who want to up their game

Streaming support

And the most important thing of all is for everyone to have fun!


Are there any requirements to join?

There are no in-game level requirements, everyone is welcome to join us! The only requirement you will need is to have Teamspeak 3 and a microphone. Also we strive to have a fun and mature environment so being 16+ is a MUST.


How to join?

If you are interested in joining sign up for our forums on our website and apply, and once your on Teamspeak we will get you sorted out


We also have a Channel /join CV in game


Feel Free to add any of our staff members if you have any questions or just wanna talk.

Get a hold of Drizina#2545 , Concussive#2717 or TearsFade#2480 as they are the EU staff members and will help you out if you're applying for EU!