East Coast DayKnight Meetup 2015!

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Hey guys and gals!

After missing Red Bull Battlegrounds this year I was pretty darn bummed out about not getting to hang out with some of you guys. Let's face it, the East Coast just doesn't get enough dayLove, so I counted that as a major missed opportunity. But then it struck me. Instead of waiting for the dayLove, why not just MAKE the dayLove! 

So here we are!

I'm here to survey you guys to see how much interest I can generate in getting a DayKnight meet-up started in this area. 

I live in Charlottesville, VA, which is fairly centrally located as far as the East Coast goes, and is only a couple hours outside of Washington D.C.. My boyfriend Shane owns a game store in this area called The End Games that specializes in having a large amount of play space for things like board games, card games, and even supports LAN center and console capabilities. The store is located in a bustling part of Charlottesville with lots of restaurants and hotels within walking distance, and it even has an IMAX theatre right across the street. 

Alternatively, I also run a Gaming/Anime/Music convention called OmegaCon here in Charlottesville, VA that will be celebrating it's 3rd year, and is currently slotted to happen some time next September. Attendance this year reached approximately 800+ people, and if all goes well we are expecting to peg the 1k mark in 2015. If you wish to help us hit that mark, this is also an option for a meet-up. 

Currently, I'm shooting for some time in Summer of 2015, but this is LARGELY dependent on whether people feel this is a realistic time-frame to work in. Naturally I want to meet as many of you as possible, so I'm trying to keep it as accessible as I can to those who are really interested. 


1) Are you interested in an East Coast DayKnights meetup?

2) Would you rather a convention setting, or a more personal game store setting?

3) What is a realistic time frame for you to save up for the trip?

Let's get this East Coast dayHYPE train runnin'! Woot woot!

-Sophia "HeavyMetalRobot" Cowan



The East Coast DayKnight meet up is HAPPENING! The info is as follows:


August 28-30 2015 at OmegaCon (www.omegaconvention.com)

You can book discounted hotel rooms at the Comfort Inn University

1803 Emmet St. North, Charlottesville, VA 22901  (434) 293-6188 (mention you're with OmegaCon for the discount!)


If you plan on attending, please send me an e-mail at HeavyMetalRobot@gmail.com

Can't wait to see you guys there!