I thought I wrote this post already, but apparently I didn't.

  (Edited: )

Soooo I know I'm going against pretty much every suggestion that we've hashed out here (my own included), but recent developments have made it so that our very own GMFaustus is running our e-sports tournaments at OmegaCon this year! We're super hyped about this. We'll be flying him down August 27th for the convention the 28-30. As such, I thought it would be a waste not to take advantage of him being here for us all to hang out!

I know this is like... a month after what we were thinking, and about a month before Twitchcon, but for those of you unable to make the trek across the US (like me) you could come have fun and play games with us here in VA! 

For those interested, OmegaCon is a gaming/anime/music convention I helped found three years ago here in Charlottesville, VA. We're expecting around 1,000+ people this year, and would LOVE to have some of our lovely DayKnights there to make our 1k mark special. 

If folks are able, I'll make sure that Faust and I have some down-time to hang out/play games over the weekend. If nothing else, it's a college town. I'm sure we could find some late-night stuff to do.

Thoughts? Reservations?