Suggested Daily Series - Closing it out

Hey Day9 - I just finished watching your Daily about YuGiOh's response to a bio-mining player, and couldn't help but think as you were ready to fall over dead after finishing casting the replay that we've all been there - we've got the game won, we're super happy about it, but we make bad call (or two or seven) and all of a sudden our opponent is back in the game.  Would you please consider doing a series of Dailies on closing out wins, focusing on:

a) simple things that opponents do to get themselves back into games and what you need to do to stop them

b) how to play when you have the lead to keep it.

I'm sure there's a lot of games that you could use for this, and I would also guess that this would likely be different for each race, so if you would consider doing this for all three, that would be outstanding.

Thanks for all the casts, and best of luck at your magic tourney.  (Heart of the Cards, baby!)