The Maths!

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I'm surprised no one has considered making a topic about this yet, especially considering Day9 is himself a mathematics major. Since my first topic was a bust I guess I'll take the fall in case this one is as well -.^

I guess I'm mainly putting this here to see how many other holders/pursuers of mathematics/related degrees or merely enthusiasts who peruse this site as well. If you want to know something about me I happen to be pursuing a math major at this time, albeit I still have a few other years to go before I obtain my BS. What about ya'll?

Uhm...I can't think of much more at the moment...I know there's more I want to say, but I forgot it whilst typing this tid-bit here. So...hope to hear back from ya'll!


Since this seems to have attracted so much attention, lets just add to the format. What kind of experiences have you had, what have you accomplished, do you have any juicy stories to tell? I won't judge, and hopefully no one else will. I don't have that many to share, but I want to try and stay active and interact with everyone to the best of my abilities.