I think people are overreacting

and have been doing so for the last ~3 years. The playerbase is small compared to other esports, but not at all compared to your average game. Blizzard has made huge changes to their policy on interacting with the community ever since lotv beta (e.g. the community summits) and I was very surprised to see a major content patch within a year of lotv's launch.

And while there definetly is less content than a few years ago, there is definetly enough content out there and the content creators for sc2 seem to be quite stable. Losing a huge chunk of the korean pro-scene sucked, but there is still a bigger tournament going on every month and if you take into account casted online-tournaments, there are probably only a few days a month, where no new tournament games are getting casted.

I heavily disagree, that the community is not vocal enough of critizism towards Blizzard. SC2 has one of the most publisher-negative communties I have ever witnessed and the amount Blizzard has changed themselfes is remarkable, considering blizzard being one of the old giants, that wanted to have absolute control over their titles and is doing everything very conservatively - from patching to pricing. Which was - no doubt - one of the contributing factors for SC2 in the past not keeping up with other emerging esports and I'm glad they opened themselfes up a bit.

I really think the sc2-scene is on a very good way to a small but stable esport and the community should really get over the glory days of 2010-2013 and start appreciating the game for what it is: A very good title, backed by a big company, in a niche genre, that is quite hard to get into.