Got me in a Hearthstone mood.

When GTA 5 was cancelled and Hearthstone confirmed. I was stoked to see what Day[9]s decks were. I didn't watch any of his earlier Hearthstone stuff because I didn't have the beta, but now, I've been having a blast for two weeks.

Those challenges in the end were nuts, and after seeing how real players play, I decided to hop on my mage or priest.

I have two decks that are above 20 and okay, and nothing else is playable.  And I've gotten pretty comfortable with them. but Thursday, I opened my first pack with a legendary unit, Alexstrasza.  A DRAGON!?! Those things worth 1600 which I had figured were simply beyond my reach? The excitement "rivaled" the moments when 10-year-old me opened up a crisp pack to find Nicol Bolas or Chromium. I say "rivaled" because every 10 year old knows you can't actually use an Elder Dragon in a deck, and Alexstrasza is a sick concept and will be in my deck till beta's end.
So I'm playing a game tonight, and its the closest, best game I've ever played

I'm mage, he's paladin. It's been a fair battle of interesting push pull over dominance, but when it really got spicy was at turn 8. When I stand with 1 minion, 0 cards 12 life vs 2 minions 21 life and... he throws down Ragnaros.  Before today's stream, I had never even seen the game text of Ragnaros. And now I'm fighting the main boss of the Molten Core. 

He knocks out my minion, deals 3 more damag... and then Ragnaros's fireball hits me for the first time. BAM.


Turn 9. Card draw. Alexstrasza: Change a character's health to 15. Back in this.

A battle ensues, Ragnaros one shots Alexstrasza, flamestrike kills Ragnaros (what?) I've never seen more than 1 legendary in a battle but Fordring and Hogger come down, and herd them like the sheep they are.

Neck and neck we battle, and I finally stabilize. 

2 Boulderfist Ogres on the table, 0 cards in hand, 2 life vs...   0 minions, 0 cards, 1 card in deck, 12 life. 

Paladin's Card draw. BAM Consecration. oh that's fine just two damage to my dudes.. NOOOOOOOOO