My Starcraft Story

       It was Easter of this year, I was longing for a pass time. I thought, what better pass time than an RTS! So my friend Jared and I searched the Internet for an RTS game to play and we found Starcraft. At the time, I was a really stupid person. I got into alot of trouble and talked to the wrong type of people. I was always influenced to do stupid stuff and ended up getting caught in the end. I was really at a dead end. I had nothing going for me at the time accept video games. 

       So I started to play Starcraft with Jared. I found Starcraft to be really interesting and challenging. Every day after school I would get on the computer, go into a Skype call with Jared, and queue up some four vs. four matches. During that time period, I would play religiously. I spent so much time working on my macro even when I didn't know what macro meant. While friends would think I was stupid for playing Starcraft, I felt it was the best game in the world.

        After a wile, I was so indulged in Starcraft I cut myself off from those bad influences. Me and Jared would make Starcraft inside jokes in school and act like total nerds. Once summer came around my life changed forever. I subscribed to Husky after watching Void Rays. I watched many of his videos not knowing what he was mainly talking about. After July, I started to really understand the game and get into the community. During the summer I would watch many husky videos, play Starcraft, and go on community websites like Teamliquid or r/starcraft.

        Once I started to understand the game, I got on the 1v1 ladder. I was very nervous, but I ended up doing fairly well. I kept watching Husky videos and playing the game. What really put the nail in the coffin was MLG Raleigh It was the end of August, I had recently convinced a friend of mine (spencer_ to buy Starcraft and he loved it. Spencer and I watched the MLG stream on friday night and said, "THIS IS 40 MINUTES AWAY FROM US!!!!" After begging and pleading our parents to go, we did not get to go that Saturday. I was very angry that whole day. But on Sunday, my parents told me "how would you like to go to MLG?". I was very excited. I called up Spencer that morning and told him to come to my house asap. We went to Ihop in the morning then straight to MLG. When I arrived I could not believe what was happening. I loved MLG. I loved the excitement and everyone who was their. MLG was easily the best day I have had in a long time. 

         After MLG I was fully indulged into Starcraft. Starcraft was all I could think about. People who hated the game bought it and loved it. I was very good compared to them so I taught them how to play. I soon had a group of friends on Starcraft. Once school started again (the day after MLG I was SOOO angry), the people I used to hang out with no longer spoke to me and I ended up in a much better crowd. To this day Starcraft dominates my life to a degree where I watch streams during class (when my work is done). Starcraft was the biggest influence of my life.

         So what HoTS means to me. I am stuck in a rut. I am getting killed on ladder and I dont really like team games. I really wanted to practice HoTS strategies so I can be ready in the future, and I want to play on the unranked ladder to get better. Me and Jared can have alot of fun on the 2v2 ladder together and practice gameplay for hots. 

Please give me this beta key, I will be very happy:)