[JWH] 'Joemighty Was Here' recruiting for SC2

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Website: http://joemightywashere.com
Location: EU

Hi there,

We are Joemighty Was Here, a European Gaming Community. We are a group of old school gamers and we have played together for over seven years in games like WoW, SW:TOR, GW2, Diablo 3 and SC2.

With Heart of the Swarm live now, 'Joemighty Was Here' has opened recruitment for new SC2 players. We play both competitive ladder games as well as custom games. We try to organize as many events in game as possible. To reach that goal we use our website and our private teamspeak server. We're looking for mature players who like to combine social fun with serious in game progress.

Interested in joining our gaming community? Check out our website at http://joemightywashere.com

Regards and hope to see you soon!