9Captions-Website development help anyone?

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Hey there guys. 

Last year I started what at the time seemed like a great idea. 9Captions - Day[9]'s Captioning Service. With the idea that as a group of volunteers we could put subtitles on all of the archived videos and eventually just work on the new ones instead. At the time I had a very difficult to control system of organising the volunteers and completing the captions that eventually made the whole idea flop and I gave up on it for a few months until I had a new idea.

What I decided was that I need to take myself out of the system. For 9Captions to work I had to be able to leave for a month and for work to continue. I needed a system that would work on it's own and would not require countless hours of work from me. I decided what I needed was a new website. One that was a central hub for the work we would do.

And so I set about researching what was the best way of doing this. I checked web development organisations and even individuals who know development but all the options seemed too expensive for myself. I eventually decided that the best option would be to use a content management system like joomla! and hope they are simple enough to use but still powerful enough to complete my goals. It was going well. I managed to find a template I liked and purchased that, as well as finding an appropriate component online that would allow me to have the ability to control projects. However my inexperience proved to be my downfall and it was taking much longer than I anticipated in just getting the basic layout done, not to mention the project managing plugin and its configuration.

I eventually gave up on this as well as it proved much too difficult for my understanding and I did not have the time to go through hours of tutorials to be good enough to achieve my goals. I let the website sit for a while but as it now approaches Day[9]'s birthday again (the start date of the original 9Captions) I wanted to pick up where I left off but this time with the help of someone or a few someones to get me off to a good start. That's why I'm here. I wanted to ask for help from any DayKnight that has experience in Joomla! website development. Preferably with much experience in this area but even if you've only built one or two working websites with the program your help would be appreciated. Alternatively if you have considerable experience in developing websites in a different CMS or by using code or coding programs directly and would be able to teach me the basics of how to use the program so I can make changes as the organisation moves along or at least to keep in touch so I can iterate what changes I wanted done, that would be more than welcome.

As I said I have had no experience before this endeavour into Joomla! development so any experienced individual would be of much help. Please if you have such qualifications reply below with what experience you have and your email so I can contact you about what I require.

Thanks for any help!

- Jailak

9Captions Project Manager