Just a tip! - Funday Monday idea

While this won't work for every game--as some of the loading screen tips provide terrible information at best--it will provide for wonderful and exciting Funday Monday action!

The idea is simple. Do whatever the loading screen tip says. Do it so well and so often, that it becomes central to your build order/style of game play. How to enjoy this Funday Monday:
1. Read tip at the bottom of the loading screen.
2. Repeat tip to opponent at the start of the game.
3. Greatly exaggerate the tip's main idea.
4. ?????
5. Profit.
For example, the tip on the loading screen says "Warp Gates allow you to rapidly train units at any location where you have power." Be sure to explicitly let your opponent know of this feature, and then proceed to build using only Warp Gates and never warping a unit anywhere near your main. Or, as another example, the tip reads, "Your starting area will eventually run out of resources. Expand to new resource locations to secure additional income." Again, be sure to inform your opponent of this feature, and then begin by taking a ridiculous amount of bases.