A note on abduction

A thing to consider on the abduct point is that in order to be able to, for instance, abduct a large force of tempests, the Zerg needs to have a disproportionate amount of vipers, taking up supply he could be spending on more swarm hosts. Meaning that by forcing him to mass vipers you are, by a backway, making your losses to the swarmhosts slower, giving you more time to inch your way towards him.

As long as you have enough collosi to clear out the incoming locusts you can survive indefinitely, and if he starts massing up vipers, he will be putting a lot of supply (the vipers) in range of your HTs, archons and stalkers, which is bad for him -- with some timings and some micro you should be able to get a hang of controlling the engagement and countering the vipers inbetween locust bursts. And when you do get abducted, rejoice, that means you have a unit in the middle of his viper/swarmhost army, which gives vision to your tempests which can then get some shots off with minimal risk.

There is of course no clear, 100% counter to this kind of push, but if you assess the individual situation and composition, and respond with a matching composition and micro tactic, you should be able to keep him from advancing. From there it is a backdoor and starvation game.