The Void / Tension

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The Void, known as Tension outside of the states, was made by the russian studio ice-pick lodge. It takes place in what is a purgatory-like space in between death, where the only resource is color. Color is your life, armor, ammo, and stats for the entire game, and it's management and rarity is one of the main game mechanics. It also invovles some strategy, as traversal from one area to the next takes time (and color), during which the void itself changes and the characters move around. The only other characters in the game other than the player are the sisters, beautiful women who require color to survive, and the brothers, huge disturbing monstrosities who are both the sisters guardians and oppressors. The brothes worship color, and abhor those who waste it such as the player's character. Interestingly, every character in the game except for the player cannot give, but only take.

Its not a standard adventure game but it does involve the exploration and discovery present in many adventure games, and would make for a great day off or mostly walking game. A good place to see more of the game is an amazing lets play done by CannibalK9, which is also how I first heard of the game:

Try not to watch too much, however, the game is best played blind.