Music Knight Hangout

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Link to the playlists from the hangouts we've done so far


As many of you know, there is already a Friday Knight hangout that Korabard and I host, where we play games like TF2 and SC2 arcade. That is going to be scaled back to every other Friday. In its place, every other Friday starting this week on the 29th, there will be a music listening/discussion hangout!

It will revolve around the Youtube app in Google Hangouts. It lets us all watch and listen to a video at the same time, as well as create playlists. If you aren't on G+, please consider! Most of us only ever use our accounts for hangouts like this. Korabard will still be streaming it, but vods will definitely get muted so don't count on them.


  • Every other Friday at 10 pm EST / 7 pm PST
  • I know that is 3 am GMT, so sometime I'd like to do an EU edition. Maybe a Saturday morning on US time, so late afternoon/evening for GMT? Let me know.


  • When a video starts playing, everyone is muted, and there's a push to talk button that lowers the video volume and lets you talk over it. Do not use it the first time we listen to a piece. Everyone should be able to listen once, uninterrupted. Write down your thoughts as you have them, and make a note of the time in the video. Once we've heard it once, I will go back and play any parts that anyone wants to hear again. Use the hangout chat if you need to talk while we're listening.
  • Do not mess with the video controls.
  • Ask before you add a video to the playlist. You can search for videos without anyone else seeing it, but once a video is added to the list, the app shows who added it. So I will know! Just ask first and it should be fine.
  • I will start with a few videos already set up. Before we start listening, we'll do some brainstorming and people can add more after they clear it with me. Then we'll listen, and have time for discussion after each piece.
  • There will be a genre focus every week. I might deviate from that a little bit for comparison purposes, but I'd like to mostly stick to that. Please suggest genres!
  • I have a music composition degree, so if anyone has questions on why or how something sounds the way it does, please ask! I can probably explain. Especially about classical music- then I can definitely explain.

Genre ideas:

  • parodies
  • complex electronica (think Aphex Twin's album Drukqs)
  • simple electronica (think trip hop)
  • classic rock
  • avant garde classical
  • traditional Western-tonal classical (I can split that into instrumental, vocal, long vs short pieces, opera, by era, whatever)
  • musical theater (hopefully Boutreefiddy can help here)
  • 90s alt (get ready for nostalgia, kids)
  • indie/eclectic post-1990
  • folk
  • metal
  • Indian classical
  • Arabic music (xdeathknight might be in charge of that one if I can get him to join g+)
  • acapella covers of other stuff
  • ska
  • If, and ONLY IF, people say they're interested, we could do a night about music I've written, so you can get an actual composer perspective. If we want to do this, I'll need time to get my stuff in video form and put it up on youtube.

I'm very open to suggestions, so please give me your thoughts!