Dear, Day[9] Entertainer Vs. Entrepreneur

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Sean/Day[9], I'm interested in making my living in the E-sports community, However I'm most defiantly not business minded at all I handle money and distribute duties poorly. However I am an entertainer, I like to entertain people and make them laugh, I've done small acting gigs my whole life and I love every minute of it, after a massive ego boost from you I even started my own YouTube channel and created my unknown show "mind of a nerd" a poor family built show I'm proud of.

Would you say that there's no chance for an entertainer to make a living in the e-sports community? If not would you have any advice for how someone like myself would try to get noticed?

Thank you for all the hard work that you do, I love every minute of video you put online and you're an inspiration to an entire generation. I salute you.