I need some halp on SC2 shoutcasting.

Hello lovely community. I'm a LoL latinamerican shoutcaster, I watch Husky, LAGTV and Sean of course to learn about SC2 and this is my story.

While working on a community I got invited to cast some clan wars. I did so well on the emotion as a "play by play" shoutcaster and I talked with so much confidence about what I knew on SC2 that I got "hired" as the official shoutcaster of SC2 on that community almost immediately.
Well here is my problem folks, I need to know a whole lot more on SC2, so if you have ANY source of knowledge about the biggest RTS on the industry I would appreciate it. If some of you are familiarized about Cloth5, an esport/competitive  blog webpage centered on LoL I would certainly like something similar about SC2.

I thank you all for your time.