My notes:

  (Edited: )

So, the first issue that I saw is your very strange and sub-par response to a 4-gate. You can EASILY 2-base roach and crush a 4 gate, while having a much stronger followup after you hold it. Honestly if you don't expand when you see a 4 gate, you're just handicapping yourself for the mid and late game. If zerg correctly defends a 4 gate, the protoss should immediately die to a giant roach push. You being on 1 base completely eliminates any chance of that happening. Remember that as Zerg, you need to be on at least one more base than your opponent. By defending his 4 gate without expanding, you're setting yourself behind him after the attack, and he can comfortably make units and attack you while you're scrambling to macro after your defense. That is a fatal flaw, whereas if you had just stuck to your normal timings, you could have smashed him. Secondly, you can safely hatch first in ZvP now, because of the neutral rocks. Any sort of cannon pressure is half-assed at best with the rocks, and won't significantly punish you unless they're all in on the cannons, at which point you just expand elsewhere and roll them. Your defense of that 4 gate would have been even stronger if you 15 hatch/pool, for example, because really all you need is to be able to rally in 10 or so roaches on their first push to kill the push and the pylon. After that, you're so far ahead it really doesn't matter what you do. Your opponent's 4-gate was abysmal. He attacked almost a minute too late with 1 or 2 less units than he should have, and didn't bother to warp in to defend the pylon. There is, and I can't stress this enough, absolutely no reason for you to only be on 1 base here. For god's sake, hotkey your queens. You're missing so many injects because of it. Hotkey all of your queens to whatever button you like, and inject using the minimap. Your inject timings will become close to perfect in no time. You can also spread creep in a similar fashion. Your army isn't hotkeyed, and you lost a few banelings and lings that you shouldn't have lost because of that. You never scouted his main with your parked overlord. What if he's switching to 1-base void ray? It would be horrible, but you would die to it because you don't have a fucking clue what he's doing. You're still making lings at the 10-minute mark. Why? What have you seen that would make you do that? Drone like a crazy person, especially after a horrid 4-gate like that, or go all in on units and kill him. It's rarely correct to be half and half with zerg. I play protoss, and I would be happy to help you practice against a 4-gate, and maybe just coach you in general, if you'd like. Not to sound mean or condescending, but there were many, many flaws in your play that could be fairly easily fixed, along with a lot of mis-understanding of the game. My friend code is Joarthus.352