Mainstream outlets reporting on gaming?

Hey guys. My name's Matt and I do a lot of content regarding League of Legends.

I come from a journalism background, so when I saw a little bit of a community outcry over a video that The Young Turks produced covering our World Finals, I was a bit curious as to everyone's reaction, as we're getting to the point now where competitive gaming and the hobby in general are receiving a lot more attention from mainstream news.

The argument, distilled is that TYT didn't do a good job in actually researching the game or what they were covering; they made several erroneous statements, and ended up coming across as dismissive or disrespectful about what the League community had built up to that point.

I wrote a little something about the topic, explaining why TYT might've done a minimal job, and why ultimately, they likely don't care. It also ends with a call for more critical thinking in the news we consume and the content we reward with traffic; I thought it might be a great topic to talk about on the forums.



They know for a fact that we are craving legitimacy, and we’re willing to get it from the mainstream audience by any way possible. Anything League of Legends-related from a large “name” like CNN, Forbes, Business Insider or Wired will be tweeted and shared by Riot and Rioter accounts with millions of followers who will pass it on to theirfriends, as well as get an easy traffic day on the subreddit with the biggest non-default, SFW audience on the site.

Even worse, they know they can use press releases or face-value judgements to craft these pieces and no one but us will care.

While Riot’s hands are tied here — they will not refuse any type of mainstream coverage, no matter how ill-prepared it is — ours aren't. While these news outlets aren't stupid, they damn well think we are.


So here’s where we go beyond just pointing out things and suggest some solutions. While it seems we’re not in a position of power here, we actually are: by rewarding those who take the time and effort to portray us properly — not “good”, but “properly” — we are encouraging others to do the same.


What do you guys think? How do you guys look at mainstream coverage of the things you love? How is the gaming/nerd community going to deal with people entering the space who may not have any motivation besides their own person gain?

Curious to hear opinions on this.