Hi Stephanie,

thanks for the kind words. So far the daily sessions aren't going too well (I finished that blog post on Monday, but didn't do anything productive on Tuesday or Wednesday), but it was the same with the weekly sessions, so I'm not overly worried yet. The bumpy start shouldn't deter anyone, it's good and sufficient to have an activity on the schedule. I won't be able to make it to every session and not every day will be equally good, but overall it should be a significant boost to my output. At least if I'm extrapolating how things went with the weekly meetings. How come you've stopped your own weekly check-in? You should totally rekindle that and once you've got it going for a bit, expand to more sessions :)

As for the Lindsey Stirling concert, I'm pretty excited about that, but of course today I am having a headache - let's hope the aspirin kicks in before the show starts.