Fair enough

Dear Henrik,

thank you very much for the level headed response. In one of the dailies (it may even have been #100), Day9 said that it's very easy for tone to get lost in writing. I completely agree and think this is what happened here. From your explanation here, I see that you read ZerglingHat's post as disrespectful. I did not get that vibe at all from ZerglingHat's post. He mentioned patriotism, because Michael's post pre-editing wasn't geared towards people in general, but "American" people. Michael already clarified and edited this in the meantime. Still, ZerglingHat said that logic is more important (paraphrasing here) than blind patriotism and that he agrees with the point that there are a lot of stupid people.

Likewise, I interpreted your response as an attack and not as the reasonable "If you do not care about our opinion, why should we care about yours?" stance that it was intended as, because you specifically wrote "f *your* patriotism". It is good that you took the time to clear it all up - I think I misunderstood your initial post.

All the best,