Here's my opinion on the introduction.

Hi Philosopher,

since your first video was just 22 seconds long, I was already able to watch it with my slow internet connection last week. I checked this morning and it looks like there are no new videos up.

I thought that showing us an introduction video was a good idea, as the viewers want to know what they are getting into. It's also good that you are more or less sticking to one topic. Focus is good (I know that and yet, I do not heed it with my own projects.) 

My suggestions to improve things are A) to choose a different camera angle and B) to have a schedule and stick to it. You don't have to be as prolific as Sean, but something like uploading a video once a week would be excellent in my opinion. With fewer updates or infrequent updates, you risk people losing interest and then never coming back (again, I know this and still botched that one).

All the best,