I don't think you'll get a 100% confirmation from Day[9]

Dear Michael,
as Sean (I used to write "Mr. Plott", but since I am inconsistent about it and use the first name with everyone else, I may as well write "Sean", too) already said he'd love to go, but that he's busy and stuff may be cropping up, I don't think you'll get a rock solid confirmation.
In fact, I would regard this as your proposed "Day[9] Community Get Together" and if Sean manages to swing by, then that's gravy.
Let me know when you've fixed a day, time and place - Korean BBQ in LA in May sounds lovely, by the way - and I shall see if I can get vacation time to fly over from Europe. I will combine this with a longer California-Nevada holiday, as I am not quite the ritzy baller to fly somewhere just for lunch/dinner :D.
All the best,