I have started a blog (as well)

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Dear all,

well, what do you know, I've decided to start blogging, too. I'd be much obliged, if you could saunter over to kaiherbertz.com and have a look :)From the about section of the blog: "Professionally I’m a scientist, but I’m also an emerging writer and game designer. This blog will mainly focus on the art of creative writing and the craft of game design. However, since numerous resources about technical aspects of both activities can be found on the internet, this is more of a diary, recording my journey. Consequently the two topics aren’t the only thing I will talk about, but also general observations or what’s happening in my life."

My latest post in this thread:

"Hi guys,
so I just got back from the Korean BBQ meetup with Sean and I've posted a short blog entry about it. It'd be great if you could check it out :)All the best,Kai"

Here are the links to the different blog posts sorted by topic.


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All the best,Kai