Looks good!

Hi Justin,

this might have been better suited in the Indie Games category.

Since you asked for feedback, here is my opinion:

1. I'm a big fan of one take videos, because they are and sound more genuine than a rehearsed speech. However, it is probably best to strike a balance between the two, as you had several "uhm" pauses in there. So perhaps that is something to improve, especially on a kickstarter video, which should convey the enthusiasm.

2. I like the concept of a cyberspace tower defense. In my opinion this needs to be pushed earlier in the video. The first half of the video is mostly black and white. The beautiful game play starts in minute four! I think you need to visually hook in the viewer earlier. On that note, changing the load out from just text to the nicer looking selection shown on the kickstarter page would be cool.

Good luck with the kickstarter campaign!

All the best,