Lots of mini games

Dear Mr. Plott,

I would still like to make a game that incorporates several mini games. I'm envisioning a blend of Chivalry, Sword of Aragon, and Millenium 2.2.

Setting wise, it'd be post apocalyptic dark future. Unlike Millenium 2.2 it'd be set on earth, though. Not all events are triggered at every play through, so that you can finish it multiple times. You get a few vetoes for the mini game, so that you can basically say something like "I finished the 'find survivors in radiation polluted New York' mini game and it wasn't fun to me. I would like to skip it on future play throughs and receive the score that I achieved last time." Scores would be coarse groups like 3rd, 2nd and 1st place as it was the case with the Bastion proving grounds, where no matter how poorly you did, you'd at least get the 3rd place prize.

Other than that, I am toying with the idea of making games that focus on two player co-op mode, which seems to be the latest fad.

All the best,