Promotion to Platinum

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Hi everyone,

in the past few weeks, I usually won my games against gold league opponents and lost against platinum. Yesterday, I won two games in a row against platinum guys and was promoted to 1v1 platinum!

Although it is possible to be "above average" in the gold league, I could never be sure, but with that promotion, I'm finally in that upper half.

The match itself was pretty memorable as well - it was PvP and my opponent started out with 300 apm vs my 20. Later on in the game, when it actually counted, our peak apm was more similar at around 100. I did some 2 gate robo into expansion play and my opponent just built zealots + zealot speed out of 3 gates. If I hadn't spotted that, he would have completely crushed my base with his 15 zealots or somesuch, but fortunately I held all the watch towers, so when I saw his army, I walled off with gateways, then trapped a few zealots with forcefields and managed to repell his attack.

When I moved out with my collosus army, he actually warped in DTs in my base (I spotted his pylon outside my base and destroyed it, but he still got one round of warp ins done thanks to an observer in my main). Fortunately he didn't go for my robo, but tried to kill workers, so I was able to chrono out an observer and kill off his DTs, while demolishing his expansion and main.

Now that my year's goal of reaching platinum is done, I have to decide if I should continue to try to reach diamond or whether I should devote the time to other hobbies.

All the best,