As per usual i'll do the dirty work :D

  (Edited: )

i'll examine the vod, study the build order and writte it down as soon as i end the vod and replay it. i hope the casters don't fk up a lot messing with the tabs :D

9 - Pylon ( next to the nexus ( Main Base ) )
13 - GateWay
14/15 - Gas
16 - Pylon
18 - Cybernetics Core
19 - Zealot ( Cancel at 3:40 )
21 - Nexus ( Resume Probes ) this is at 3:45 if perfect <-- latter i'll make a note (1) on this
22 - Mothership Core
24 - Pylon ( At the Natural Choke )
24 - Warp Gate Research
26 - Robo ( Holy fk naniwa... you are made of ballz and scouting knowledge )
( only unit on the map is mothership core... )
27 - Forge  <-- Other note here (2)
28 - Gateway
28 - Zealot
32 +1 Attack
Robo Done -> Warp Prism ( 6:00 )
37/44 - Cannon
37/44 - Pylon
37/44 - Immortal
47/52 - Immortal
51/52 - 5 Gateways ( arround 7:30 )
51/52 - Pylons ( he gets 3 )
56/72 - Cannons at the walled-in natural

From now on it's make stuff mode and pushing, loads the immortals, warps in zealots and when the cooldowns are off more zealots at Zerg main after dropping both immortals and aall the zealots.

Follow up is to get all 3 gases down and decide depending on how much damange you dealt.

Things to notice: This hits way earlier than with a FFE. and with an early sentry from the 1st gateway you FF the ramp and your'e good to go :D

TLO went for Mutas, mutas poped at the 10m mark ON POINT, and if i'm not mistakeing he delayed his 3rd to go for fast mutas aside the other tech routes, in a pure macro scenario ( 3 base play ZvP ) mutas should pop at 12m.

(1) - I've been messing arround a lot with this zealot cancel, but i could take the natural at 4:00 like clockwork, but looks like it can be done at 3:45 if you skip the 22th probe and cancel the zealot. I bring this up, cuz this actual opener ( up to here ) could be the new bread and butter for PvP safe expands, since even a extremely fast 4gate should hit at 5:30, if you expo at 3:45 nexus will have photon overcharge by the time the 4gate gets there, and if you delay a 4gate for 1 full minute you should be fine against it since it's either another full void ray or immortal and 4 more gateway units. Notice i've said 5:30 cuz thet's the insane bananas korean 4gate with only 50 gas for the warp gate research xD Any other 4gate should hit from 6 to 6:30
(2) - The Forge is at the Wall-In at the Natural. This was Neo Planet S, you can wall only with the forge and 2 pylons, in any other map naniwa would build 2 gateways at the wall and maybe get a forge latter maybe at 6:30 if you want to go macro style ( spoiler alert, this build basics are the 1 gate expo of PvT :D ), but in Neo S, the 3rd is horrible to take, so yeah, all ins all day every day :D All Ins NaNiWa style!

I hope this helps!!! Pretty straight forward, neat build order, short, clean and easy :D