I get the hype but... SC2!!!

Isn't this a Sc2 show/ dedicated web/ stream?

Not to be blunt or anything Sean but man, ease up on Hearthstone, Code A just ended with some ammazing TvZs and ZvPs RB Battlegrounds 2nd Qualifier also left us with great games/sets like Solar vs Dear ( comes to mind )...

Just look at the recent dailys and the schedule... Hearthstone Naxxaramas up and down, left and right...

Nothing wrong with that, but they'll be unlocking one wing every week, if this keeps going on like now we'll have Hearthstone for 5 weeks and 0 Sc2. Widow mines got buffed, time warp got nerfed, Hellbats are something once again... muta corruptor keeps kicking toss butt... We'll all be able to get all wings of Naxx sooner or latter and play through 'em ourselves, however Sean doing analisys of a code a/s game is something not all of us can get to.

Again, i understand the hype, more deathrattles, new cards, new combos, new new new, but also new PvZ meta, new TvZ meta & balance, Blink all ins got nerfed in PvT. Some balance on the shows please!

It's your web and you do w/e you want with it, but as i said at the begining, this is mainly a Starcraft dedicated web right?

Much love for you and all the comunity!