D[9]! Oracle PvZ Not as a Harass Unit

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Before i go in: i might have named envision -> revelation and revelation -> envision ^^ 

I've been having this idea lately for something that would be what i feel like a big something, cuz the more i think about it it could change the entire idea ( not meta ) about the match. Let me get to my point:

Oracle is mainly used to try 2 derp-kill mineral lines, reveal in PvP Stargate vs DTs, Proxy in PvX ( ^.^ ) BUT! that's not what we're here 2day, nor to cry to make the oracle a detector and giving it time warp instead xD nor nothing about it.

I'm talking about PvZ and the use of Envision! The most underused ability of HotS! ( you'll say contaminateee!! 125energywtf!! ) But it's stupid useful !!! For instance, Envisioning a pack of medevacs in PvT say at the 11-12m mark. That means you can't drop me unless you see i warped in a LOT of units cuz i'll see it, let you come in and kill your medevacs cuz i'd be able to warp in stalkers, not zealots! 

This clear example let's you see that that gives you an answer to a thread you have at that time.

That said, i was watching the WCS and i don't exactly remember the game, but Sean was comentating and he said the following:

" Oracles can rush down to a hatchery, reveal the larvae and you'll be able to see when units pop out of the larva. "

The instant i heard that, my mind exploded. I'm still looking for some brains arround my room xDDD

I mean... fk when the pop out, the BIG problem overall with zerg is being able to know WHICH units are, WHEN do they pop out and how to SEE those as soon as possible. Why? Why this 3 and why in this order?

·Which: cuz there is no way on earth to know what will com out from a larvae. If you see a Terran with many barracks working, you know it's gonna be MM/Ghost and what tells you that is the reactor or tech lab. Same for factory and starport. A Protoss player needs 1 structure 2 build 1 unit. Also no one has any trouble scouting protoss... I mean TvP scan, PvP hallucinations, obs, oracles... Maybe it gets dicey in ZvP if he goes phoenixes, but with any little poke of lings and/or a suicidal overlord or a sprinting overseer it's solved.

·When: cuz when units pop out of the larvae, unless they are drones, he's going to do something with them, and most probably right away. Specially in late game, knowing when do they hatch can make you build some more pylons cuz you'll get attacked for example, or cannon up en expo. This might sound not as important but it will make a lot of sense latter. Also, per usual on zerg, unless you manage to sneak an obs in his base, which won't happen most likely, you got also no way of knowing when they pop out.

·Seeing: Zerg can hide stuff in a lot of ways. You can see their tech building itself and see it researching. For example, if you see the pool waveling he's researching speed, neat and easy. BUT! what if you see the Infestation Pit waveling? Is it Infestors? Is it Swarm hosts? huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh :SSS If you spot a protoss stargate, it SHOWS you void, oracle nix or w/e, the robo is either immortals/obs OR if you see the robo bay, clearly collosi. Never count out warp prism play, but units wise, that's that, and gateways give you the amount of reinforcements you'll be able to make then and there. So, like Terrans suffer, zerg can know with and insane % of being correct what to come next and react acordingly. One Zerg scout at the correct time WILL win you a game. At the other side of the coin, there is no way to see "unexpected" ( unless you sneak an obs or run a hallucination on the money moment ) things from zerg for various reason, but mainly cuz creep spread, units speed and map control overall.

So far, so bad ^^ BUT i'll move onward regardless of this looking like a whine crybaby post :P

Zergs don't pay atention 2 this cuz it's just a mechanic. it's just how it works and that's that, but those 3 key informations are only reserved to them. And that's one of the huge advantages of the Zerg race in my eyes. This is what makes mass switches so damn good. That, and the plus fact that they only need one building, while T and P need many (P tends 2 need more infrastructure), so all resources can go into units.

Where's the plus side on all of this?!?!??! HERE:

The Oracle Envision as Day9 said, CAN PIN THE LARVAE! Think about it! It fkin solves everything!

The Which problem gets solved as it follows: Early sentrys send hallucination scouts at the 8-10m marks. When your Stargate is done: Phoenix to clear ovies and Oracle. If it's early enough you can use the ( IDK why i've never see it but i do use it ), phoenix lifts the Queen and the oracle kills drones with 0 threat. Keep it alive ( easy if you're up vs 1 queen ). if it's late DON'T do this cuz you'll need reveal at either 9m or 10m, for an empty oracle takes 1m to be able 2 envision or reveal. That being said, 8-10m is when Zerg is teching. Whenever you see the tech bulding down, ready your oracle and look at the timer. In about 30-60s rush the oracle in and Envision the larvae. Why? Zerg tech buildings take about or less than 1 minute to build. SO, Considering the units also take less than 1 minute to build, revealing the larvae after the zerg made the desition to buld units out of it WILL assure you to see WHICH units he DECIDED to do. 100% sure! You could see a roach warren and get hydra ling pushed cuz he only made the roach warren "just in case". 

The When question is kind of solved in the earlier question, but i gotta say that you can Envision larvae at any moment you got the enrgy to do so, which means that can reveal his units continously ( envision last 1m and it takes 1m to recharge 50 energy for an oracle to Envision again :D ) Even so, you want the money timing to do it, which is when he's gotta make units. How to detect that? After a unit trade, after a tech building is done and after a major engagement. That's that!

The last point is Seeing them. You're guarraneed to see them because Envision last one full minute ( essancially it's like a 1 min scan xD ) and all zerg units take less than 1m to build, so you'll see them RIGHT AWAY!

Isn't this sick!?!??!? Does this make you happy? :DDD

Why should it make me happy? MEHHEHBLRGHHERPDERP! MUTA SWITCHES !!! MASS SWITCHES! You'll be able 2 detect those right away!!!

I know this looks like something, but it doesn't end here. This is only the Core Idea, If you want this to work, i really recomend going for triple stargate on 3 bases as soon as you see the Spire. This is a killer move no matter what Zerg does. If he goes mutas, trple stargate phoenix is gonna shut it down cuz it will be 6-9 nixes vs 15 mutas on the midgame it's a phoenix win most likely, not to mention if you mix fake nixes 2 absorb glave worm bounces and have a guardian shield and some cannons. For those maggots who fail and keep going mutas, just drop the fleet beacon asap and crono out nix range. If the muta switch is into the late late game, going to 6 stargates with +1 and range will give you 12 nixes + whichever are left of the game if any, that will kill any number of mutas. If you kill all of them, go lift an entire drone line and look for the overlord farm and have fun being ahead untill he GGs. If he goes Corruptors to , say maybe, kill your 3 colossi, 6 Void Rays will chew 8-10 corruptors for breakfast, and since you'll scout it at a different time you'll be able 2 tell if it's for mutas or corruptors. Even if you're caught of guard, as long as you see them with Envision, you'll be granted 3 void rays and 3 more produceing before he gets on your face. with 3 cronos per stargate you can get out 6 voids in 1:20m which is aprox the time zerg needs to get to your base.

For the infestor vs swarmhost problem, there's also a response: 2nd robo and templar archives. This gives you the answer to both problems. Archives for Infestors and vipers and Storm along with high collosi count from the double robo ( 3 bases minimum ) Highly recomended to drop Stargates+Beacon after all this, since SwarmHost - Brood Lord play dies so hard to 6 Tempests.I think the more i type about this, the more i link this to sOs games, the one he played where he prepared for all this different tech paths and switches zerg could do. I have tried this style of teching overall but if you do it fast you die to fast pushes, but if it doesn't it's like stupid good! of course sOs can do this without Oracles, but man... i mean i REALLY think this solves a LOT of stuff! You only need to get your infrastrucure ( which is like cutting 1 stalker and 1 sentry and you can build any t2 structure [robo/stargate] ) and REACT by cronoboosting the crap out of what you need. And i SWEAR that it works out if you do it correctly. Mass muta? you got 3 stargates! ultras? 2 robo colo/immortals+archons eat ultra ling. Late game has been already explaned so...

Not much else! Please give your opinion and share your experiences if you tested this out some time OR post how did it go if you try it out! I'm really interested on this! Also, if someone could confirm if envision still shows the protoss player what units are being build ( i know in the bet you could click on the envisioned larvae and you would actually see which unit it was and the % of completion, but i fear they removed that :( If this feature is still worjking, then everyhting i said can be done even earleir and even better and even safer! if not, it's a lifesaver anyway, and it's balanced. The neat efects would be that you'd be able to get close to 15-18 nixes vs 15 mutas or 9-12 voids vs 8-14 corruptors. 


Oracles Envisioning Larvae Solve which and when units pop out of the Envisioned Hatchery, which give you crucial information on Zerg unit switches and Muta transitions. So use it to Envision larvae at 9m, 10m, 12m and late game after huge engagements. If you wanna know more, just read everything :P