there you go!

i'll link you to a thread that it will be helpful. It's a full guide of ALL the transitions and games for all PvX match-ups. You'll have ALL game plans for the 3 matches.
If you have HotS, i'd play WoL untill your gameplay is more solid since there are less things to worry about. There's a time to focus on mechanics and another time to focus on fancy micro and fancy build orders. if you are in silver, yes, Mic-Mac is your top priority, now with the unranked ladder system, you can practise vs real ppl w/o risking points. give a read to the Wall-O-Text you'll find there :D

About scouting: Mothership Core can scout, a fake phoenix can scout, zealot + stalker poke will tell you the unit composition at the front and consequentially it could reveal a build order or a tech path. You can have a probe on his base until 3:10 marine pops, 3:30 if they open reaper ( HotS ) to check for the gas timings, also, at any time you can make a fake oracle/phoenix and just go check what's he doing, also observers...

And what makes you learn is, endeed playing lots and lots of games, that will make you get used to the build orders and also how to defend pressure while not letting macro slip. It's a mental thing, don't be overchecking the defense. cuz while you are stareing at the screen, you should be on your main droping forge, twilight and robo bay, makeing 2 pylons be4 anything and makeing moar probes :) Whenever you see clearly that yo can hold, keep macoing :D and never forget: Probes&Pylons! a REALLY useful tool anti supply block is the Training Mode stage 3. Play it however you like, IGNORE the goals if need be, but that's useful cuz you can make your own build however you like it and he'll automatically tell you when to drop the pylons :) just get ideas like: oh, after my first 3 warping units i have to drop another pylon :O That kind of stuff.

If you wanna see the build orders on action, i'll drop you hare 2 links with veeery good dailys for PvT and PvZ, actually 2 dailys for PvT :)
This daily, i literally stole hands down the Part 3 Build Order, and it's the one i'm doing on ladder and i'm rolling Diamond/Low Master Terrans with it, best PvT build vs Standard Play.
Gateway focused midgame PvT instead of Collosi, very useful for Plat/Dia level ( you'll get there some day :) and wth, this should mole any T of lower leagues ^^
The Skeleton struucture of ANY PvZ is something among what you'll see here :)

Before any videos, i really recomend you to read first and try to understand what you red ( if you got questions, ASK, no one is gonna judge you :) at least i won't, i'm here to aid in the strategy forums as a Mod of it that i am :D and if some1 lols i'll fkin ban him ^^ )