Working on something Big! Fast Solid Expo PvP

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I think i've found something worth commenting or at least i want to know what you protoss players Gold/Plat/Dia/Masters out here in our wonderful comunity think about this.

I was running timings for PvP and i came to the following by random, so i tested it out and i think it's something pretty solid which i'm still experimenting with :D

I'll say beforehand something as standard as: this doesn't work when proxy gate'd, CRed, Proxy'd or cheesed in any hardcore way, but it should be solid for macro oriented games.

Here's the idea:

Protoss vs. Protoss has allways lacked the posibility for both players to safely fast expand since the infamous 4Gate was 4Gate.
Doing some researching there's some timings i wanna note down:

The earliest a 4Gate can be done is at 5:33. this is the "Korean 4Gate" beginning with a 10/10 pylon +10/18 gate which makes it hit that ridiculously early. btw, no one does this anymore since it only allows for zealot warp-ins.
Normal 4Gate will round up close to 5:45 and it can hit even later if it's delayed due any reason, maybe at 6:00.

If you begin your natural at 4:00 or 4:10, you are able to photon overcharge when a 4gate arrives! Nexi take 100s to build, so they should wrap up by 5:40 or 5:50. As Day9 said many times, if you begion your nexus by the time your MsC pops out, when the nexus is done you'll be able to overcharge. It would work better on some maps in comparasion with others, but that's the core idea.

About how we defend, it's a 2 gate robo based defense with expo. The BO should be something like this:

Build Order Basics:

- 9 Pylo
- 13 Gate
- 15 Gas
- 16 Pylo
- 18 Core
- 19 Zealot
- 22 Warp Gate Research
- 22 Mothership Core
- 24 Nexus
- 24 Gas
- 24 Pylo
- 25 Gate
- at 100Gas Robo


- Zealot
- MotherShip Core
- Zealot
- Stalker
- Sentry
- Immortal


- Probes x2
- Core x3
- Immortal x1

If there are 7 abailiable cronos ( which i think it might be ) invest another one on warp gate.

The main idea is to have those 5 units out and along photon overcharge and the next 2 units that warp in, plus the photon overcharge it's kind of neat i think. Also, by cronoing warp gate and not the probes, you guarrantee your safety. You'll be MILES ahead in economy. 

The Follow Up is stargate and 2 more gateways, and i think that if you hold a 4Gate, anyhting delayed you'll hold it as well since you'll be cronoing the 2nd immortal and an obs right after which will pop out when the 1st void ray comes out as well.

The only weak thing i fast noticed is the 3 stalker rush, but that would be 3 stalkers vs 2 zealots 1 stalker and MsC, that's why this build can't pressure and yyou gotta stay defensive at your natural ramp to be able to have a micro edge, or maybe by applying pressure but i haven't tried that. i think defnders advantage is huge not only for this scenario, but also for the entirety of PvP.

Well... i'm looking for potential problems, things that would destroy this, blind things that did not come in here... Give me ideas, thoughs and weaknesses you see! 

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to every Protoss player thoughs on this! We may discover something BIG! If this is a surefire fast expo for PvP this will be very good!!!GGGLHF!