Mostly Walking: Odd Objects

Starting this thread off Bill's comment in KQ6: P4 at 13:19 about the hunter's lamp. 'Cause we're going to run into more objects that don't match their names. ("They describe the desks, and it's not what we see in the picture! Where are the shelves? We caught 'em Bill! Quick, get on Snopes!")

Pretty sure the idea behind an olde-timey hunter's lamp or lantern was that the light could be shut off and on quickly w/o being extinguished. So it used a sliding panel to "black out" the scene - thinking of D'Artagnan and Richelieu's lantern fight in "The Three Musketeers" (1970s). This type isn't for hunting, but it's a similar concept: Brass Blackout Lantern. Very hard to, say, use as a vessel for collecting liquid.