DayKnights Clan (DayJ): Introduction and Discussion

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Good day, whoever you and whenever you read this; I dayHeart you,

My SN is CovertMuffin and I am the current leader of one of two DayKnight tribute clans. Earlier today, DarkOzzy shifted the roles and responsibilities of being leader said clan (tag DayJ). In this post I will discuss my plans for the future of the clan, what I hope for the clan to embody and in regards to there being two tribute Day9 clans (the other being DayHmm who are all ridiculously awesome people). This post is lengthy and has many aspects covered, please feel free to skip certain sections that you wish as I have organized them into spoilers. <3

We are a Starcraft 2 clan that follows the manifesto set down by Day[9]; most of us watch and support Day[9] via his stream and twitch chat. That being said we are not directly affiliated with Day9 nor do we claim to be 'his' clan; we are merely humble viewers that love what he and the DayKnights stand for. We play games because we have fun and enjoy surrounding ourselves with a community of like-minded people who share our love.

I believe that the DayKnights (people who watch and support Day9) is one of the best online communities out there. Whether or not people are able to subscribe to the stream, we all believe in being ridiculously nice and have copious amounts of fun. That being said I believe that this tribute clan is an extension of said DayKnight passion.

Whoever you are, whatever the skill level, if you would like to associate with the DayKnights while on SC2, we welcome you with open arms into our community. Currently the clan is only in the North Arican region but if you are interested in extending the clan into other regions please get in contact with me and we can make it work!!!

If you are interested in joining the clan, a good first step is to search for 'DayJ' in the group finder on SC2 NA server. Feel free to PM myself (CovertMuffin) or any of the other officers in the clan and we will shoot you an invite. Also feel free to make a post in this forum stating who you are known as on twitch (if you participate in the live stream chat) as well as your SC2 North American Screen Name and Character Code. For example, on the NA server I am CovertMuffin #910.

Ten long years ago I was brought on to help lead a Jedi Knight 2 clan in order to extend our outreach in other countries and retain proficiency as a group of awesome gamers who loved playing the game. I organized 'wars' with various other clans, ran training sessions, was placed in charge of recruitment as well as being head of admin/moderator responsibilities with running our 3 private servers while maintaining order and fun within the other other officers of the clan. In my time running these organizations we doubled our size to about 150 members and won an outrageous 70% of clan matches against the top dueling clans in the world.

I don't enjoy putting my experience on the table as I care more about having fun and promoting fun in other people. I truly believe that a leader does not run a clan, but the members are the ones whom control the direction; in this case I will be merely a tool in order to hope to enhance peoples experience and assist those in need. If the DayJ clan is to grow it will because the members form a community that people desire to associate themselves with; and I am happy to say that is easily achieved.

Currently we are an inactive clan and have very few inner-clan activities; regardless, we still where our tags proudly while online belonging to such an awesome community. We are all busy, the definition of human activity in this modern era is to be busy; as such I do not expect any member in this clan to be on consistently nor regularly.

That being said, I expect us to continue to grow and I will draw on people's desire to have activities in the future.My thoughts is that once Legacy of the Void hits the public, there will be a wealth of activity that was not there before. In order to plan for the future I welcome people who are interested in coordinating events that regard current ideas (Training, tournaments, show matches, fun arcade games, hangouts, etc.) as well as whatever may develop in the future. I am definitely looking forward to Archon Mode in terms of playing with others.

There currently exist a couple various Day9 Tribute clans; DayJ, DayHmm, Felicity and others that I are unbeknownst to myself. I am currently named the leader of the DayJ clan as a body (even though that means literally nothing important). That being said, we both have the same love for Day[9] and having fun. It is vitally important that I say that I support and respect all members of both clans equally and see absolutely no disparity between our clans. If one person joins one or the other, I do not regard them any differently. If people desire to have only a single tribute clan then I am willing to enter discussions with those lovely DayKnights that make up those other clans and we can work something out; regardless, in the future if we hold clan specific events, I will surely reach out to invite all DayKnights, regardless of what tag they where. I am so proud and grateful that I can belong to such an awesome and welcoming community.

That is a lot of text, if you read it all I am impressed. In summation I have taken a leadership position of a tribute clan with regards to Day9 and the community and am proud to be a a part of such a kind and fun-mongering community.

Thank you,


ps if you have any questions with regards to the clan, joining or how to have fun, feel free to post below and stay awesome. DayHeart