Help a fellow Terran improve :D so i can hit PLAT

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well ima post replays but i just want to give a quick description. So i will post my TvZ 1 loss and 1 win. I learnt a bit from Apollo and im trying to get better can you guys give me some tips to get Gold? also it would be much appreciated if you guys tell me what to do when a player goes X and how to react with Y. Like he goes muta ling what would i do? I will post my TvP and TvT later. thanks for all the help guys and hope to see plat soon. i go reaper FE all the time. i dont like opening with hellions as you have to do damage.

okay guys i took a break from SC and i came back Rusty and played 3 games what do you think of them a improvement or going down from not playing? also how do i deal with proxy hatch when i 14CC high ground? anyway here they are

i played really bad and i felt i played bad i had supply blocks and Vs the Terran i did so bad

Also How is my Protoss? my opponent did the stupidest thing ever he went 4 gate 1 gass