Starcraft HoTs Help for a silver Terran

Ok i am in silver league and im pretty good i was in top 11 before the new season :P I beat a gold player and have been faced against other golds but keep losing against them the way i beat the other gold was when he miss-clicked his high templar and they got killed. Well i was wondering what i can do to start beating gold players and how to beat nearly all silvers i need help and a buold that is very powerful in any match-up ( i dont mind if its a all in or what ever ). I asked the gold players that i faced ( all zergs ) they seemed to go for a havy macro game greedy openings what i would try is heavy presure with marines knocking at their door BUT the problem is that the zerg will have a ling or overlord waiting outside my base and he will spam tons of lings and pull his drones. When i lost to them i asked what am i doing wrong :/ they told me to macro more my build is Apollos MMM build with a reaper FE opening. So i was wondering if i could get another build like a mech one as i tried to go mech but i didn't have a build and made it up as i go along. So couple of tips and a build would be great thanks for reading :D plz link me if there's a post like this and i will post replays maybe :D