Be patient, that's the best you can do now.

Hello guys, I know that Sean´s mostly known for his SC2 commentary, but it is no new thing that old SC2 players now play HS (e. g. Forsen). I didn´t come to his channel to watch SC, I came to watch Hearthstone. I tried watching some SC2, but it´s not for me. But the important thing is, that Sean loves playing Hearthstone, even though he´s not the world class player. And there´s so much more HS content to come, like the 2v2 mode and some new adventure (from what I know), so he´ll probably stick to HS for the time being. And there´s no time for SC, because there´s MW on Monday, HS on Tuesday - Thursday and his Day off on Friday. So for now, you guys should just leave Sean have fun and wait, I´m sure that he will come back to SC, maybe he´s planning something, maybe he just needs some time for break. And I understand that, because we all do that. To end this, even though I´m not a SC fan, I hope for you guys, that he´ll come back to StarCraft. Maybe I´ll get to it too.