dayKnight Time!

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The Basics:

dayKnight Time is where dayKnights* hang, chat, nerd it up, and play games together on Monday nights!
The Zoom Hangout begins at 4:30 Pacific Time, and the Stream begins at roughly 5:00pm Pacific Time, before Day[9] starts streaming.  The Stream can be found here.
*You are still a dayKnight even if you are not a Day[9] subscriber!!

Places to Participate:

1. In the Zoom Video Hangout
2. In Twitch chat
3. In Game
Note: You are not required to have a webcam to join the Zoom Hangout.
Extra Note: You can still join in the gaming if you choose not to be in the Zoom Hangout.

Frequently Played Games:

StarCraft II Arcade Games (namely, Monobattles, Raynor Party, Photon Cycles, Blasterbots, & Pictionary)
Tabletop Simulator (namely, Secret Hitler, Uno, Taboo)
The games for each week will be announced on Twitter @DayKnightTime and as a reply to this thread so you can be prepared to play!

How to Join/Find the Hangout:

After 4:30 - 4:45pm Pacific Time, you can type !hangout in Trumpet's Twitch chat, and a link to the hangout will appear!

For a detailed breakdown of what DKT entails, see the reply below.