Rabbit Workout Date

Hi, darlings! I know that those of us on Twitter talked about doing a group workout on Rabb.it, but we never talked about scheduling, and it never happened. So I'm just taking charge and saying that I'm going to be on Rabbit working out starting at 3pm Eastern next Sunday (10/30/16).

Here's a link to the room I'll be using: https://www.rabb.it/Lecta

I don't have a specific workout planned, so I'm open to whether we all want to do different workouts during that time slot or if we all want to watch one workout and do our best to follow along.

Additionally, my friend Okaydrian is doing a #FitforPaxSouth thing on Twitter, and he has a weekly check-in stream for that each Sunday which I'll most likely attending beforehand. It was nice to go in and gripe about my shortcomings and get motivated. You all are welcome to join mefor that as well.