The Day9 Apology Board

  (Edited: )

Has there ever been a time when you doubted Day9's capabilities? Have you questioned his judgement? Did you laugh like an evil clown when he screamed like a little girl during Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Slenderman? It could be something as simple as not rage complimenting when we lose to a frustrating cheese on the ladder. This should be the place for these things.

My own experience has occurred just recently. I was feeling all big and bad with brass-balls that knocked me into the heavy-weight category when I wrestle while watching Day9 screaming during Slenderman. Then I watched New Link and remembered that I had no brass balls, I never wrestled when I was younger. I played Starcraft: BroodWar and Magic: The Gathering, both of which I was and still am terrible at.

This is my apology to Day9 and post to admit that his brass balls put him into the light-weight division, whereas mine wouldn't even qualify me for the featherweights.