Some answers!

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I'm in top plat at the moment Dear Day9,
The thing is, any of the build you listed above don't seem to show any success because the transition is too long for me to have enough units be able to take the 1 base all-ins everyone does in PvP at my level then again, maybe I micro it wrong.
I usually do a 13gate, core as soon as it finishes. First gas when gate is building and second gas when core is building, those are my triggers. I guess I could opt for the 2gate build you suggest, that would give me a nice transition into other stuff but wouldnt I get tore by a 3g robo?
Outside of PvP, is the late late game vs Zerg (Infestor broodlords) but I guess that's the same thing for everyone. And the 10 minutes bio ball push vs Terran.